Zwift Indoor Trainer Demo Day

With the nights getting longer and the days getting colder there is no better time to try some of our favourite indoor training options instore. Indoor training can be fun and a great training aid over the cold months and we will show you how fun it can be.

Why train indoors?

Your commuting miles probably add up to a fair amount over the course of a week, but sometimes over winter it can be hard to get those normal miles in when rain is lashing down and the wind is howling. One way to keep your training up is to take it indoors, and invest in a turbo trainer.

Even if you are continuing to stick it out through the wind and rain, turbo training could be a great way of supercharging the miles you already do. If you’d like to get a little fitter and perhaps are considering entering a summer cycling event, then a few indoor sessions will certainly help boost your leg power.


What is Zwift?

Zwift is a turbo trainer game that enables you to link your turbo trainer up your computer, your iPad and iPhone, letting you ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment, therefore helping to alleviate some of the boredom associated with indoor riding.

​There are three virtual worlds to choose from: Watopia, Richmond and London – with a selection of route options available in each. The routes can be found on Strava, where there’s a leaderboard for each.

Try in store for free!

Never tried a indoor trainer before? Never used Zwift before? This is the perfect time to try both in a friendly atmosphere. You will get a fun and detailed experience both around Zwift application, equipment needed but more importantly have a go yourself!


What do I need to do?

If you want to have a go just phone us on 01208 815262 and book a timeslot that is right for you.