Electric Bikes

Electric bikes make cycling a breeze. With many different  styles, motors and batteries on the market you will no doubt have questions, where best to have them answered but with us. With highly skilled staff and a range of bikes you can try on the trails and roads.


Below are just some of the range available.

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Ridgeback flight

Flight returns with a fresh look for 2018, but with the exact same philosophy, to provide you with stylish and understated bikes that are perfect for urban commuting or general fitness. Available in 1x9, 2x10, 8-speed hub gear and also Shimano's stylish 1x11 Metrea groupset, Flight series is sure to offer reliable gearing shifting for a wide range of terrains. Completing the range are two flagship models, the E-Flight and E-Flight Di2. Using Shimano's STePS E-Bike system, hub gears and wired in Supernova lights an E-Flight is the perfect bike for a sweat-free commute.

Ridgeback Electron

, Electron is offered in two specifications that both use low maintenance Shimano internal hub gearing. The Electron Di2 uses the new Nexus Di2 hub, offering great features such as walk assist mode. Puncture resistant E-bike tyres keep you glued to the tarmac whilst full length mudguards protect you from spray when the weather turns. Wired-in AXA front and rear lights make a Ridgeback Electron a great choice for year round transport.

Saracen Juiced

Whoa". Hold on, wait a minute" What's going on here? Juiced is a bike for your commute but has Saracen trail bike DNA running all the way through it. Built around 27.5" wheels the Juiced is a fast tarmac eater or cheeky dirt path roller. Developed using Shimano's benchmark STEPS e-bike system, the Juiced is a natural feeling bike with a little extra go. It's not about cheating or selling out " It's about riding to work and arriving ready to attack the day cool, calm and collected. Never tried it? Don't believe it? Then you need to try it! A stylish bike for covering distance rapidly with ease, and did we mention its a whole load of fun! Get Juiced.

Gepida Asgard

The Asgard bike serve the purpose of getting around on difficult terrain like woods path and rocky tracks. The emphasis is put on getting ready for the real challenge instead of comfort. It can be used for both long and short distances as well. 

Ridgeback X3 29er

In the genre where Ridgeback first made its name, 2018 Dual Track offers our most exciting range of mountain bikes yet. The big news is the X3, a light off-road E-MTB powered by Shimano's STePS system. The X3 is perfect for exploring forest tracks and canal toe paths. Its economical battery life makes all day trips easy. Specified with Shimano gearing and hydraulic brakes, reliability and ease of use are at the top of the agenda. The X1 and X2 return to complete the range. Now specified with SR Suntour suspension forks and improved tyre clearance, these 29ers are an ideal entry level MTB or robust commuter

Gepida Reptila 900

The geometry of frame enable us to sit with straight back comfortably on the saddle of the bike. Each city bike serves the purpose of comfort instead of performance like road bikes which were designed for that very reason. The bikes equipped with hub shift system don't require any maintance, therefore providing long term operation without any trouble but can be equipped with standard gearing.

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